augmented-reality-for-business-vrexa REDUCE COSTS IMPROVE SAFETY


VREXA offers workers an efficient and powerful tool and platform for getting access to information without being distracted from the tasks they are performing. Boost productivity with innovative technology for planning, design, construction, and operation, from the office to the job site.

At VREXA we produce high-quality VR & AR content as well as being
seamlessly integrated as a hardware reseller with world-class partners. We bring both of these together by providing an easy turnkey solution to help your brand adopt the technology.

VREXA Improves Productivity and Customer Experience


Improve Field Fix Rates


Reduced Site Travel


Decreased Onsite Training


Increases Efficiency

Through world-class partnerships, VREXA is able to provide quick full turnkey AR solutions. Our fully-managed solutions make it easy to transition into the world of augmented and virtual reality to increase your profitability and efficiency.

VREXA Assist

Connect anywhere around the world quickly as though you were actually there. Improve efficiency with real-time, two-way communication via live streaming for field inspections, onsite training, and demonstrations. During these calls, experts can share (technical) documents, guide with live annotations, snap pictures, record videos, or highlight elements using augmented reality.

VREXA Inspect

VREXA Inspect solution is a quick and efficient way to inspect with AR technology. Never miss a step in guided troubleshooting, onsite field inspections, maintenance & service. Workers now can see all relevant work instructions, take pictures, upload images to SAP, and document each step seamlessly and in a truly hands-free way.

VREXA Onsite Training

VREXA Onsite Training gives you the ability to train employees remotely around the world with customized built-in AR training modules. Improve safety, quality assurance, and increase training hands-free. This solution reduces the paperwork by 90% and significantly higher speed and quality.

VREXA Inventory

VREXA Inventory safeguards your inventory and assures your teams have the supplies they need. This turnkey solution can be implemented into manual order picking, inbound and outbound distribution, inventory, and sorting. The item is confirmed by scanning a QR code with the camera of the smart glasses. This solution can lead to 99.9% precision and 10% performance improvement.


Leveraging virtual and augmented reality across an organization to accelerate decisions, reduce costs, increased productivity, and improve the safety to your team.

Vrexa is more than a virtual experience, we bring consumers and clients a fully engaging experience. We custom tailor a platform for your business to manage your staff, clients, and communicate with the world.


1.) Resolves 80% of all service cases remotely. Troubleshooting has never been so easy.

2.) Provides real-time visual assistance to remote technicians in the field to reduce costs and increase productivity.

3.) Through Vrexa augmentation, businesses can train employees and increase safety.

4.) With remote video assessments, Vrexa replaces onsite claims to improve efficiency in the field.

VREXA Solutions for Enterprise

Augmented Reality (AR) Connected Staff

AR provides the connected staff dynamic access to data and digital systems enabling them to be more efficient, accurate and safer.

Vrexa Fast Response (VFR)

Vrexa Fast Response (VFR) allows for field services techs and customers to quickly connect with a simple link sent via SMS text.

Immersive Learning

Immersive learning is a highly effective way for organizations to deliver formal training while reducing costs through the use of VREXA technology.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Vrexa AI increases productivity and efficiency with Artificial Intelligence as part of our cloud-based platform.

Virtual Merchandising (VR)

Using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets with embedded eye-tracking, virtual merchandising provides visualizing, testing and optimizing the design of physical experiences.

VREXA Wearables

Experience Vrexa visual assistance with our hands-free technology with built-in augmentation and live stream.

VREXA Consumer Experience

When embedded into an omni-channel consumer experience, companies can meet customer demands at speed and at scale.

Customized Systems

Our team of engineers can develop or modify any of our current solutions to maximize your business.



VREXA is a new way to reach clients, connecting field workers, and training your team.

We provide high quality, interactive VR/ AR experiences for all types of businesses. Let us transform your entire business today!