Augmented Reality

6 Ways AI and AR Increases Performance & Safety in Manufacturing

Technological advancements like greater bandwidth, imaging technologies, and digitized AI databases allow manufacturers to take advantage of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. VREXA combines augmented reality with artificial intelligence to improve a very powerful platform. VREXA has made it easy for manufacturers to transition into AR and AI with their turn-key solutions. They have customized

Proven Ways Augmented Reality Can Help Increase Construction Efficiency

Augmented Intelligence for Construction is Here to Stay As more and more new technologies emerge in the construction industry, it can be difficult to keep up with them all, not to mention that the adoption process often takes a considerable amount of time and money. Construction professionals need to first learn about these technologies

Training For Dangerous Jobs With Augmented Reality

In an increasingly modern world, we are seeing the ways in which technology can continually improve and streamline processes to be faster, safer, and smarter. We have seen advancements in AI, clean energy, food production, and e-learning grow through technological advances. These leaps and bounds wouldn’t have been possible without advancements in technology, and